We are an Adelaide based building design firm, delivering projects since 1991. A small niche business with the ethos, approach and focus to achieve the necessary results.

Our success is based on continually delivering the outcomes for our clients over a variety of sectors.

Our diversity finds our portfolio reflecting residential design, from alteration and additions, new home design, multi residential through to a range of commercial, industrial, child care, dental and educational projects.

We understand the design process but also importantly have the ability to adapt this to suit each of our clients and their vision.

Our longevity in this industry is for a reason and our place in the market is an important one and unquestioned.

Our relationships and collaboration with our consultants, business partners and select builders allows us to achieve the necessary outcomes seamlessly beyond the design and documentation process.

Our People

Tibor Cseh

Ass Dip Mech Eng | Ass Dip Arch Design

Tibor is passionate and has over three decades of experience in the industry. His approach and diverse knowledge allows him to find the balance between successfully translating the client's vision within the budget they have to work with.

Tibor focuses and strives to work closely with all his clients to ensure each project is undertaken and delivered at a high level. Transparency and communication is at the forefront.

His collaboration with clients and staff is integral in ensuring each project is successfully brought to completion.

Gosia Zebrowska-Bogusz

Masters in Architecture – Poland (not registered)

Gosia has a wide range of experience and skills which along with her passion makes what she does look effortless. Her innate sense of design is unique. She has an edge and approach that is truly difficult to find.

She believes in good design but with a common sense approach allowing every project to be delivered on point.

Gosia is definitely a client favourite…and for good reason.

Julie Merchant

Julie is our Administration and Finance officer providing the initial point of contact for all our clients.

Her high level of organisation and management skills keeps the office running smoothly with minimal disruption and allows our design team to focus on what they do best.

No office is complete without such a person.